This Mercedes CLK GTR Roadster Could Sell For $13M At Auction

The exceedingly rare supercar crosses the block with RM Sotheby's on November 17.

For those who like the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR but think it's a bit too common (and claustrophobic in the cockpit), here's what you've been waiting for. This is one of just six CLK GTR Roadsters built, and if you have the cash – lots of cash – you could take it home. Better get to Las Vegas fast though. It's crosses the auction block tomorrow.

This 2002 model is among several dream machines being offered to the highest bidder through RM Sotheby's, but this could be the dreamiest. For those who don't recall the CLK GTR, it's the road-going version of the dominating race car Mercedes built in the late 1990s for the FIA GT Championship. To meet homologation requirements, at least 25 road-legal versions needed to be built. 28 ultimately came to life, including two prototypes. Nothing in the rulebook said six had to be roadsters, however. That was just Mercedes being cool.

Specifically, the car featured here is the third of six roofless versions. Per the auction listing, it's chassis number 000034 and has covered approximately 105 miles since new. It was imported to the US in the early 2010s and registered in Wisconsin for 2011, at which point it had just 15 miles on the clock. It changed owners again in 2013, showing 67 miles, and was subsequently sold again to a dealer in North Carolina. In 2015 it went to a collector based in the UK. And now, it's in Las Vegas.

While we certainly appreciate amazing supercars being driven, keeping this one pristine and largely unused is understandable considering its extreme rarity. Still, with a 6.9-liter V12 belting out 622 horsepower to the rear wheels, it would be nice if this mighty Merc could see a track at some point, or at least a neat road trip. Hell, the auction includes a set of fitted luggage designed specifically for this car. Who's up for a weekend trip to the Ozarks?

RM Sotheby's estimates this 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster will bring somewhere between $10M and $13M when all is said and done. We will jump in with an update once the hammer falls, but in the meantime, jump into the comments with your best guess on the final bid price. We'll shout out the commenter with the closest guess when we update the story.

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