Struik & Hamerslag rebrands as Struik Interiors

With a dynasty that spans more than a century, Struik & Hamerslag has long confirmed itself as a leader in delivering the best quality luxury interiors onboard both sailing and motor yachts over 35-metres in length. Not only has it established itself as a leader, but it's also set the standard of excellence; there is no disputing the weight of the Struik & Hamerslag brand.

It has now announced a rebrand and new direction for the company, as it embraces the new and growing future: introducing Struik Interiors. Under its new insignia, Struik Interiors will continue capitalising on its success and further champion blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies.

Struik Interiors is well known for its deft art of delivering bespoke, hand-finished quality of traditionalism while utilising modern-day ways of working and practices. This ability has been widely celebrated, and it's something we're only going to see more of. Struik Interiors is staying one step ahead of the times.

For many this rebrand might not be a surprise, as the firm has been known as Struik Interiors within the market for some years now. But after long consideration, it was decided there wasn't a better time to rebrand and modernise with the more accessible name: Struik Interiors.

"Ever since 1974, the brand Struik & Hamerslag has become an important name in the yachting industry," Eric de Meij, COO of Struik Interiors, commented. "With the industry internationalising we have been spelling our name and e-mail over the phone in many languages. From our name, Hamerslag was the most difficult part to spell out."

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