Sentient Jet Unveils Plans to Offset 300% of Emissions

Sentient Jet is paving the way to a greener future for private aviation with its latest sustainability initiative. The inventor of the private jet card has already offset 291,630 metric tons of CO2 this year - a 17% increase from this time in 2021 - and projects that it will offset over 300% of emissions across 30,000 flights throughout the year.

What does this mean? Instead of offsetting emissions alone, the private aviation company is going one step further and offsetting other aviation emissions (like water vapor, aerosols and nitrous oxide) which are also produced - but rarely spoken about - when flying.

While these non-CO2 pollutants are harder to measure, a study conducted for the European Parliament's ENVI committee concluded that these emissions result in significantly greater damage to the environment than carbon alone.

By choosing to offset all emissions, Sentient Jet hopes to shine a light on these often-neglected pollutants and foster more meaningful sustainability initiatives within the industry.

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