REVERSE ARCTIC Future Luxury Yacht Concept

The declining arctic sea is the reason behind less habitat for Arctic wildlife. This project uses advances in desalination through osmosis that will make new ice and expand the habitat. The project's main aim was to protect the environment but it also creates business and tourist opportunities that create luxury yachts. This will give the tourist a deeper connection to the Arctic and its wildlife. Recent research showed that 470,000 km2 of arctic sea ice was lost in the last year. By the year 2040, only 322,000km2 of summer sea ice will remain. That will be the last ice area. The system to increase the ice in the artic is to first add the thickness to the existing ice. By adding Ice, it will create icebergs. The next process is to make Luxury tourist Yachts.

The main ship will be a luxury to the visitors. There will be a "Wildlife Lounge" where that place will be flooded with natural light and unique underwater views, the guests would be able to sit back and watch the artic wildlife who are at the center of this project. The minimalist design following the Nordic design principles allows nature to take the center stage. There will also be an Ice Bar Experience. It will use the same process that makes the ice wider project does to make icebergs. This creates an environment where the guests would be able to learn about the technical process of the wider, unique, and fun environment. 

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