Pearl of the Gulf, 280m Concept Yacht

There will be a Startup of the new luxurious lifestyle with the design of the pearl of the gulf in the near future. However, it is for millennials of 280m long yacht which gets operates as the perfect floating destination. It is there with the connections of the countries with the Middle East. Moreover, it is the way that the people will have an integrated experience of luxurious mobility. This is there with the flexible business model there with the charter. It offers all the services with the deliveries of the yacht to the customers.

It will reach to customers at the chosen location at the decided time. This is the way that the people will have a private jet and car service. It will make them fly to and from one place to another. The designers are having the inspirations of making the jet flows through water using the Persian themes. It is having the hull and sail structure with resolving the form. this makes all understand the dept between sail to sail and sail to the superstructure. The rear on the top of the pearl of the gulf reveals how the second sail is beneath another. This is also having several features such as passive shading, opens when stationary and windbreak when moving. 

The interior is modernized with the private lobby inspiration for the people. It is thus comfortable and easy to travel. Furthermore, for enjoying the open space it also has the terrace. This further helps people to flow into both wings of the vessel.  

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