Onboard the 45m superyacht Aquarius by Mengi Yay

The Turkish shipbuilder Mengi Yay broke convention in 2016 when it delivered its then flagship the 45-metre Aquarius. The superyacht not only eclipsed its predecessors in size, but it spurred on an entirely new trajectory for the yard - one which it has remained steadfast to ever since.

The superyacht is an icon from the Mengi fleet but has just claimed stardom in Hollywood too, as she was chosen as the protagonist and setting for the forthcoming blockbuster Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, starring Daniel Craig and Madelyn Cline.

Aquarius features sleek exterior lines that run from bow to stern and straight bow, lending a clean and contemporary styling - one significantly different from her predecessors. Mengi Yay adopted cues from this styling for its two 2022-delivered superyachts: La Vie and B.A.L.M.Y.

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