Nina Jensen: REV Ocean Will Change Superyacht Industry

Joining the REV Ocean team in 2018, CEO Nina Jensen also serves on the Advisory Board of the Global Opportunity Report and is a member of both the Adjudication Committee for the Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize and the Expert Committee of the Thor Heyerdahl Award. All of these qualifications make her the ideal person to introduce the theme of responsible luxury to a new audience in the yachting industry.

REV Ocean is a novel way of doing that. At 600ft, she will be the largest superyacht in the world once complete, pipping Azzam by a mere 10ft. Norwegian billionaire businessman and philanthropist Kjell Inge Røkke has funded the project to date. Working with Jensen, Røkke has one mission for Rev Ocean: to make the ocean healthy again.

As the world's largest and most advanced research and expedition vessel, REV Ocean has been designed with one purpose - to save life in the ocean. It's a simple goal with a very complex solution, and REV Ocean is designed to be an effective tool in that solution.

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