NetJets is the biggest player in the private jet market, but how much does it cost to get started ?

NetJets has invested billions in building the biggest private jet fleet in the market and late last year became the official fleet launch partner of the ultra-long-haul Bombardier Global 8000. Now boasting over 900 jets worldwide, NetJets is one of the few private aviation companies that offers a truly global service. But, for new customers, the big question remains: how much does NetJets actually cost?

The cost of NetJets membership will depend on how often you travel and the aircraft size you need. Membership options are varied, with customers able to choose between NetJets Share, NetJets Lease or Private Jet Card.

Pricing is kept under wraps to all apart from customers, but the NetJets Private Jet Card, which is the best option for anyone flying less than 50 hours per year, starts at around $6,500 per hour for a light jet. However, you can expect this price to increase drastically as you head into the heavy and long-range categories with something like a Challenger 650 likely to cost upwards of $16,000 per hour.

As the most affordable of NetJets' private jet programs, the card starts with a 25-hour subscription, with hours being deducted as you fly, and then topped up as and when required. The jet card offers a commitment-free option with full access to NetJets' premium services, making it the best choice for travelers who require minimal private jet transportation throughout the year and primarily take short-haul trips.

However, if you require more than 50 hours in the air per year and regularly make long-haul journeys, a fractional ownership program is likely to be the best value option. Allowing you to purchase a share of a private jet with your share equating to available hours, the cost of NetJets' fractional ownership option, billed as NetJets Share, will vary depending on the chosen aircraft model and the number of hours required per year, with the added financial security of just paying for what you need.

NetJets' private jet fractional ownership offering is fully inclusive, with crew, maintenance and fuel all included in the share cost. This not only makes the program financially worthwhile but also minimizes any extra effort or stress on your part – the NetJets team does all the hard work for you. Owners are also guaranteed access to an aircraft; if the specific jet they own shares of is in use, a similar model or better will be provided from NetJets' fleet, with no additional charge for an upgrade.

Although the cost of the program will vary, owners can rest assured that it is a worthy financial investment. So much so in fact, that NetJets promises to buy back your share after three years if you decide to opt out of the ownership program, guaranteeing protection of your investment.

In order to ensure competitive value for their owners, NetJets is also committed to mitigating certain fees and charges across their fractional ownership service. One way in which NetJets differs from other private jet companies is that it doesn't charge aircraft positioning fees (the cost to move the plane from its current position to the customer's desired take-off location).

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