Migaloo M5 

Migaloo Private Submersible Superyachts are one of the most luxurious private submarines for business parties, underwater tours, and tourism with a variety of bespoke interior possibilities. These submarine yachts come with state of art design and technology to provide an exclusive and out of the box experience for their passengers.

These awesomely impressive extravagant-looking submarine yachts cost a couple of billion US dollars, but this could be your glory and the kind of experience you give to the VIP passengers will be remembered by them for the rest of their life. What could be the life they live when they get access to a spa, gym, lounges, cinema, dining rooms, bars, and a mesmerizing view outside their windows. The range of these submarines is from 72 Meters in length to 283 Meters. These super submarines seem best fit for supervillains of James bond movie or similar.

Beam:                                       16.0 m

Draft:                                        8.6 m

Range:                                     approx. 15.000 km

Submerged endurance:         approx. 4 weeks

Depth:                                      approx. 300 m

Guests:                                     22-34

Crew:                                        32-40

Power train:                              Diesel electric + Sterling AIP

Speed:                                      20 knots surfaced, 12 knots submerged

Tender & Toys:                         2 surface tenders, 2 custom 6-person mini-submarines (length: 16 m), 2 submersibles,                                                          several ROVs and UUVs, 2 diver lockout chambers with hyperbaric chambers, 1                                                                    helicopter with heli hangar (Bell 407 or equivalent), several jetskis & toys

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