Mercedes Vision One-Eleven Is a Slippery EV Supercar Concept

The name pays homage to the company's past experimental C111 prototypes, and the car itself hints at what to expect from future electric Mercedes performance cars.

  • The Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven is a futuristic concept with a design inspired by the classic C111 prototypes.
  • The One-Eleven packs an axial-flux electric motor that Mercedes says is lighter and more compact than equally powerful radial-flux motors used in today's EVs.
  • The cabin features an unusual LED pixel dashboard, an unorthodox rectangular steering wheel, and flashy silver seats.

The Mercedes-Benz C111 prototypes of the '60s and '70s served as test beds for emerging powertrain technologies, fitted with an array of turbo-diesel and Wankel rotary engines. Now, as the automotive industry shifts away from combustion engines towards electric power, Mercedes has unveiled the Vision One-Eleven concept, which like its forebear, acts as a predictor for the how the brand will adapt to changing automotive landscape.

The Vision One-Eleven's sleek supercar looks are clearly inspired by the original C111 prototype, painted a vibrant shade of orange and fitted with dramatic gullwing doors. The concept's silhouette features one line running in a shallow curve from front to rear, echoing the cab-forward aerodynamic designs of Mercedes's current EV offerings like the EQS and EQE. At its peak the roof measures just 46 inches tall, and the design is grounded by chunky black side skirts, a front splitter, and a cavernous rear diffuser with blue backlighting. Mercedes says this makes the One-Eleven look like it is "fused with the road surface," and it also references the C111's black accents.

Instead of a grille, the One-Eleven's front end features an oval panel with pixelated LEDs that mimic the C111's fog lights and can also display messages to pedestrians and other drivers. A similar panel is found on the rear end and a similar pixelated pattern appears on the opaque windows, a feature we've seen on other Mercedes concepts like the Vision AMG. The intricate design of the massive wheels is meant to emulate the windings inside of electric motors.

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