Mercedes Benz Places - Binghatti In Dubai

Visionary environments: Mercedes-Benz Places will elevate luxury living, delivering exceptional experiences.

Maximizing the Experience.

From an exclusive vision to globally renowned branded real estate ventures, Mercedes‑Benz Places is emerging as a beacon of luxury living. With iconic designs, the branded real estate projects will seamlessly blend futuristic elements and intelligent solutions, offering urban residents a harmonious blend of aesthetic allure and functional brilliance.

With a commitment to creating not just living spaces but extraordinary communities, Mercedes‑Benz Places reflects the brand's dedication to innovation and an unparalleled lifestyle experience at multiple touchpoints.

Immersive Luxury at Home.

To create the most desirable places, Mercedes‑Benz Places envisions an immersive luxury experience. Residential living will be enriched by introducing mixed-use components that transcend conventional boundaries and place an emphasis on people and their individual needs. Aside from living spaces, Mercedes‑Benz Places will include a curated selection of upscale retail offerings, areas to rejuvenate and stay active, cultural, and recreational hubs, as well as areas that foster community engagement.

Mercedes‑Benz Places, with its mix of uses, becomes a multipurpose setting for living, working, and leisure, bringing together diverse elements to create a harmonious community.

Soaring style: 65 storeys of iconic design.

Unparalleled living experiences take center stage in the first Mercedes‑Benz Places project in Dubai. Mercedes‑Benz will build the first residential tower with Binghatti Properties. The 65-storey in Downtown Dubai will redefine luxury living through Mercedes‑Benz's iconic branding DNA, bringing to life an experience centered around people.

Practicality integrated artistically.

Mercedes‑Benz Places, with captivating Burj Khalifa vistas, will showcase a unique elliptical exterior reminiscent of sleek model lines like the VISION EQXX and Concept CLA Class. Inspired by the iconic Mercedes‑Benz three-pointed star, claddings add elegance and improve energy efficiency with integrated photovoltaics. The three main areas—the interior residencies, surrounding lamella structure, and closed southern façade—harmonize aesthetics and functionality.

Architectural finesse will elevate living spaces with premium materials, creating a sleek, inviting atmosphere that effortlessly balances reduction with warmth.

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