Maybach Landaulet Limousine

Mr Ronald Bussink, a deeply passionate entrepreneur based in Switzerland, holds the title as leading Giant Observation Wheel designer and developer, worldwide. He ranks in the Guinness World Records as the manufacturer of the world's largest transportable Giant Observation Wheel ever produced. Mr Bussink thrives on a precious and valuable commercial car business, with cars maintained and preserved to perfection. Mr Bussink also enjoys the pleasure of driving some of these cars to promote his business, participating in self-organized and global driving tours. He has participated in the well-known Mercedes-Benz Circle of Excellence tours, the Mille Miglia for Mercedes Benz Classic Team, the Targa Tasmania and Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Zoute GP and Mercedes-Benz SLR Tours. The true passion for the best-made cars worldwide led Mr Bussink, through his company, to purchase a total of 65 Maybachs, which subsequently ranked his business as the largest Maybach customer worldwide. Additionally, Mr Bussink's business has purchased 35 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLarens which include 12 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss limited editions.

The Daimler board became aware of Mr Bussink's entrepreneurial business skills and his true dedication and passion for unique cars, specifically the Daimler brand. This success Mr Bussink showcased, elevated him to a level where he became a Brand Ambassador for the Daimler brand. At the end of 2011, the board of Daimler decided to discontinue the production of the Maybach Manufaktur Production Line in October 2012. Till then, some special customers still could place last orders for their exclusive, tailor-made Maybach. Mr Bussink through his car business used this "final call" as an opportunity to create and configure some special edition Maybach and make a final statement for the brand. Until then, only 18 units of the Maybach 62 S Landaulet pre-facelift (Euro 4) were ever built.

Mr Bussink, through his business, placed an order for two Maybach 62 S Landaulets with a MOPF facelift. In addition, two more 62 S Landaulet facelift Maybachs were ordered from Daimler. Therefore, only four Maybach 62 S Landaulet have ever been built in the facelift configuration. The facelift incorporates a more dynamic and more characteristic appearance, including a new front grill, a special LED daylight light system, a V12 (Euro 5 regulation) bi-turbo engine with 630hp. Inside the car, Maybach added a new 19-inch high-resolution screen with a multiformat DVD player, a 600W sound system specially developed by BOSE, and to improve the comfort, Maybach created a four-zone climate control, one for the front and a separate second unit for the rear compartment.

A huge challenge faced by Mr Bussink was that he had to change one of the two 62 S Landaulet orders into a unique one-off right-hand drive version. Maybach product management was not keen to fulfil this request.
Mr Bussink, who is of Dutch origin and of the belief to always persevere and endure to the end, remained steadfast and eventually convinced the members of the board of Daimler to allow to have the "One and only RHD" Maybach 62 S Landaulet right-hand drive (RHD) in the world built. With the passing of valuable time trying to convince the members of the board of Daimler to get approval for the manufacturing of this unique car, the production of the Maybachs nearly reached the end. Daimler was now confronted with the question: "how to get this car built and completed in time?".

Several meetings with the people in charge of the production in Sindelfingen were scheduled. Unfortunately, the car could not be finished before the end of October 2012, as the dismantling of the Maybach production line was already planned and needed to be executed. Fortunately, Maybach's production team proposed a solution to build this unique car. In their terms, it would be built on a "single stand" offside of the production line. While the production line was dismantled, a team of Maybach specialists would continue working on the unique one-off Maybach.

A dedicated team was assigned with the special task to complete this work of art in January 2013. This specialized vehicle was exclusively handmade and therefore deserves the title to be celebrated as the last delivered Maybach and to be: "the last of the line". The car differentiates itself with some unique details to optimize an unofficial final edition.

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