Lufthansa Reveals New First Class Suite Plus

The European airline will bring double beds and closable doors to the skies in 2024.

Lufthansa has offered a tantalizing insight into its upcoming First Class Suite Plus category, which with double beds, a fully closable door and ceiling high walls, is being touted as "a private room above the clouds".

The European airline is expanding its First Class offering as part of a huge program that will overhaul the experience for all passengers. The Allegris program is the largest overhaul in the group's history and is expected to cost $2.6bn.

First Class Suite Plus will start rolling out in 2024 on the newly-delivered Airbus 350s. It will feature one-meter-wide seats that can be set to a specific temperature and an entertainment system that you can plug your smartphone into.

Dining service will also be elevated, with guests able to choose exactly when their gourmet meal will be served. The suite comes complete with a large dining table, so this too can be taken in privacy.

The seating, temperature, lighting and entertainment systems can be controlled with a dedicated tablet, giving passengers autonomy over their environment from start to finish.

"Every guest has their own understanding of premium, which is why we focus on maximum individuality and exclusivity," said Jens Ritter, CEO of Lufthansa Airlines.


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