Labour plans to ban polluting private jets to stop 'billionaires trashing the climate'

Labour is planning to ban gas-guzzling private jets because they allow "billionaires to trash the climate", the party says.

It will examine "a phase-out date" for private planes powered by fossil fuels if Jeremy Corbyn wins the general election.

The move follows a study finding that a typical journey emits seven times as much greenhouse gas as the same journey in business class on a scheduled airline – and ten times as much as in economy class.

Andy McDonald, Labour's transport spokesman, backed the report, saying it was wrong for the very rich to cause such damage "when it's the rest of us who will suffer the consequences".

"Climate targets cannot be met without curbing pollution from air travel, and a passenger on a private jet produces ten times the emissions of someone on a regular flight. This simply cannot be ignored," he said.

Mr McDonald argued that electric aircraft could replace the private jets currently in use within a few years, with "the right incentives" from government.

"Labour will examine these proposals closely and consult with industry on the introduction of a phase-out date for the use of fossil-fuel private jets," he added.

The report by Common Wealth, a left-wing think tank, found there were 128,000 private jet flights between UK and European airports last year – 6 per cent of British air traffic.

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