HondaJet Elite S

Fly in on a HondaJet Elite S and you may turn some heads. Not least because of the uniquely placed engines, mounted on pylons atop the wings. The Elite S is the latest evolution of Honda's compelling small jet, and it delivers incredible efficiency for what it's capable of. It also boasts a remarkably pared-down flight deck, almost like stepping into a car (perhaps no surprise from Honda). It has a range of around 2,650 kilometres, can seat up to five and flies at up to 780km/h at 13,000 metres. With an increased maximum takeoff weight of 90kg, owners can now fly up to 120 nm further at a higher payload, or fly with an additional passenger in tow. And there's also more cargo space, with up to 1.9 cubic metres for luggage in the rear of the aeroplane. There are little touches that appeal too, such as skylights in the lavatory and the ability to control the cabin ambience on your smartphone.

In the cockpit, new avionics features replace traditional voice commands with text-based messaging to improve the clarity and efficiency of communications. Combined with the newly introduced Advanced Steering Augmentation System, the Elite S further reduces pilot workload and maximizes safety. The Hondajet Elite S also offers several new styling options with exclusive paint schemes available in Gunmetal, Luxe Gold, and Deep Sea Blue. Available from 2022.

Max Speed:                            422 KTAS (782 km/h) 

Wing Span:                             39.76 ft (12.12 m)

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