Gordon Murray T.33 Spider Debuts With 607-HP V12, Six-Speed Manual

GMA is only planning to produce 100 examples.

Gordon Murray Automotive's lineup of supercars grows today with the addition of the T.33 Spider. The new model features two removable roof panels for open-air motoring, allowing occupants to hear the naturally aspirated V12 engine behind the cabin.

The panels, available in various colors, are made from lightweight carbon composite and can be stowed in the front luggage compartment when not in use. The new roof required GMA to alter the bodywork from the A-pillar back, which included giving the Spider rollover protection and rear window glass that drops behind the bulkhead to enhance the open-air experience further.

Inside, the T.33 Spider is similar to its fixed-roof counterpart. At the center of the driver's display is a large analog tachometer calibrated to 11,100 rpm. Two secondary screens flank the tach for climate controls and infotainment stuff, which includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The car has up to 295 liters (10.42 cubic feet) of storage space, including the two 90-liter (3.19 cu ft) compartments on either side of the engine.

Drivers control the vehicle with a carbon-fiber steering wheel trimmed in leather while both occupants sit in lightweight, race-inspired carbon-fiber seats with leather and Alcantara trim. The car also features aluminum alloy switchgear, pedals, and the gear shift lever.

GMA introduced its Passive Boundary Layer Control system on the T.33 and refined it for the T.33 Spider. The system allows GMA to avoid splitters, wings, ducts, and skirts to increase downforce without increasing drag. The system feeds air into an inlet at the front that moves the air to a rear diffuser. 

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