Ford GT  2022

For anyone who wants to drive a race car that's legal for road use, just gather up about a half-million dollars and somehow earn the chance to buy a 2022 Ford GT. Its breathtaking bodywork both honors the iconic GT40 race car that dominated Le Mans in the 1960s and serves as the pinnacle of the Blue Oval's design and engineering departments. While the Ford F-150 also has a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6, it sure as hell doesn't make 660 horsepower and sound like a band of demons at full throttle. When the GT's gas pedal hits the proverbial metal, it should be on a racetrack-for safety reasons, yes­-but also to truly appreciate its relentless acceleration, vivid steering, and indomitable carbon-ceramic brakes. Surprisingly, its race-bred suspension can be adjusted to comfortable levels on regular roads. However, its cockpit is barren to avoid distractions and it's difficult to enter and exit, so don't mistake it for a daily driver. Sure, the prohibitively priced Ford GT won't impress Ferrari and McLaren owners with its raw performance figures, but it'll shock and awe anyone who's privileged enough to drive it.

he 2022 Ford GT is notable because it serves as the last model year of the limited-production road-going race car. As a send-off to the marvelous machine that launched back in 2017 and to pay further homage to the five original GT prototypes that spawned the Le Mans winners, Ford introduces the 2022 GT '64 Prototype Heritage Edition. With a livery meant to mimic the first GT/101 prototype, this special edition wears Wimbledon White paint and a host of Antimatter Blue exterior details. These extend from the racing stripe over the roof to the 20-inch carbon-fiber wheels. Inside, the carbon-fiber seats and sections of the dashboard are covered in Lightspeed Blue microsuede to go along with the same type of material, except in black, on the steering wheel and headliner. A final production run of 2023 Ford GTs will be made, but all of them are specially-tuned track-only monsters.

Curb weight:                    1,385 kg (3,053 lb)

Torque:                            550 pound-feet

Transmission:                  7-speed automatic

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