First flagship 40m Riva 130’ Bellissima motor yacht launched

Riva has announced the launch of the first 40-metre Riva 130' Bellissima yacht in La Spezia, Italy for an American owner. The motor yacht is the largest model in the flybridge range and is a magnificent fusion of fine design, naval engineering, expert craftsmanship and high technology.

The Riva 130' Bellissima yacht is the first planing flybridge in the range to extend across three real decks, while remaining under 300 GT. She is characterised by simple lines to create a distinctive silhouette.

She was designed by Mauro Micheli with Sergio Beretta of Officina Italiana Design, who has designed all of Riva's yachts for the last 27 years. They worked in partnership with the Strategic Product Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department.

"Riva Bellissima is a superlative boat, in both name and fact. As the new flagship in the flybridge range, she has all my admiration and enthusiasm," said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi.

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