Benetti's latest pioneering yacht designs and sustainable solutions

Benetti, a leading presence in the yacht industry, showcased pioneering design concepts and sustainability solutions during its 'Shaping the Future' press conference at this year's Monaco Yacht Show. The unveiling of these innovations underlines Benetti's commitment to pushing the boundaries of yacht design and addressing environmental considerations in the pursuit of a sustainable future for its fleet.

  Building on the success of the Oasis Deck®'s transformative beach club pioneered alongside British studio RWD, Benetti introduces the innovative Veranda Deck™. This groundbreaking concept aims to redefine the utilisation of the main deck, which has remained largely untouched for the past fifty years. By challenging conventional boundaries between interior and exterior on the main deck, the Veranda Deck™ transforms the main deck lounge into an expansive, open space, establishing a seamless connection between owners and the outdoors. This design evolution aligns seamlessly with the preferences of the new generation of yacht enthusiasts.

The B.Yond line expands with the introduction of the new 55-metre superyacht under the creative direction of Igor Lobanov in his inaugural collaboration with Benetti. This category caters to bold owners with an adventurous spirit, who desire to circumnavigate the globe without sacrificing the joys associated with yachting.

In his endeavour to enhance the Voyager spirit of the line, Igor Lobanov has designed environments that offer guests diverse experiences, even during extended stays onboard. Ensuring privacy and intimacy for both guests and crew, each of the five decks serves a distinct purpose.

Furthermore, to facilitate a broader range of activities, the concept of layout fluidity was introduced. This innovative approach, replacing the classic ideal of symmetry with repositioned stairs, has created new spaces inside the yacht. Inspired by the clean lines of the luxury automotive world, Lobanov focused on crafting fluid yet substantial, robust, and rounded shapes for the exterior design. The result is a vessel that plays with optical illusions, creating a highly suggestive visual effect on the side of this 55-metre masterpiece.

Designed by Espen Øino and Francois Zuretti, Project LIFE is Benetti's latest addition to its megayacht fleet. This concept manifests in diverse interpretations across the decks, with all spaces meticulously designed to facilitate a novel form of social entertainment. The notable feature is the expansive revolving lounge, dynamically adjusting its focal point based on the time of day.

Embracing modern technologies to optimise efficiency, Project LIFE incorporates a highly efficient and streamlined hull, diesel-electric propulsion featuring both fossil and non-fossil fuel (HVO) technology with POD transmission, and integrated hybrid solar panels. These panels serve to harness both solar and thermal energy, contributing to the sustainable power supply for tenders, toys, and onboard appliances.

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