Ferrari Pininfarina  Sergio

The Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio exists as a bit of a secret in the supercar world, in the sense that there are only six of them in existence, and it even had to get special approval before it was built.

This is a car designed as a legacy, paying homage to the 60th anniversary of Sergio Pininfarina's work with Ferrari. Based on the Ferrari Dino, the Pininfarina Sergio incorporates Dino's smoothness and round shape in a modern-day uptake with a few cues from the 1970s and 1980s thrown in for good measure.

Its extreme performance dynamics come powered by a naturally aspirated 4,497 cc V8 engine, while its good looks and aerodynamic design were chosen specifically to allow the engine to breathe.

Engine Position:                          Mid-engine

Number of valves:                      32 Valves

Maximum torque:                       540 Nm / 398 lb-ft @ 6000 rpm 

Transmission:                             7-speed dual-clutch 

Drive wheels - Traction:            RWD 

Fuel Tank Capacity:                   86 L
                                                    22.7 US gallons
                                                    18.9 UK gallons 

Num. of Doors:                          2

Length:                                       457.1 cm / 179.96 in

Width:                                         195.1 cm / 76.81 in

Curb Weight:                              1520 Kg / 3351 lbs 

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