Ferrari Monza SP2

The Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 are limited production sports cars produced by Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari, introduced in 2018 for the 2019 model year. The cars mark the start of a new lineage of models called the "Icona" series, a program aimed at creating special cars inspired by classic Ferrari models, all to be produced in limited series. The first cars of the new lineage are the Monza SP1 and SP2, whose designs are inspired by the 750 Monza, 250 Testarossa and 166 MM. The SP1 is a single seater, while the SP2 features two seats. 499 units are expected to be produced at a price of €1.58 million before options. 

The SP1 and SP2 feature low slung, carbon fibre speedster bodywork inspired by early, post-war Ferrari race cars such as the 166 MM, as well as the 250 Testarossa and 750 Monza. The SP1 is a single-seater, with the driver's position situated to one side of the car, while the SP2 has two seats separated by a center section. Both of the cars feature small scissor doors and don't have windshields, instead relying on a patented system Ferrari calls the "Virtual Windshield", which is supposed to deviate airflow away from the driver. In 2020, Ferrari Styling Centre was awarded the Compasso d'Oro industrial design award for the Monza SP1.[9] Award was received by Flavio Manzoni and Jane Reeve.

Curb Weight:                       1,520 kg (3,351 lb)

Torque:                                719 Nm (530 lb-ft) @ 7000 rpm 

Transmission:                      7 speed dual clutch automatic

Layout:                                 front engine, rear wheel drive 

Length:                                4,657 mm (183 in)

Width:                                  1,996 mm (79 in)

Height:                                 1,155 mm (45 in) 

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