Ferrari KC23

The Ferrari that you're looking at isn't a concept. Nor is it a production car. It is a completely one-off commission. A track-focused yet elegant state-of-the-art supercar born from the penmanship of Ferrari's Centro Stile, led by Flavio Manzoni, and one very imaginative, passionate and exacting customer.

Christened KC23, this latest creation from the Special Projects programme is as innovative as it is striking, and has been commissioned by one of the prancing horse's most dedicated collectors. Its futuristic bespoke body is underpinned by proven race car architecture, and with two different configurations the visual character changes from angel to devil car.

Its innovations, both aesthetic and performance baiting, include motorised air intake vents and an imposing rear wing which is removable.

Under the skin is the heart and soul of the 488 GT3 Evo 2020. The 488 GT3 is the most successful track car in Maranello's 76-year history, racking up over 530 victories and 119 championship wins, which isn't a bad platform from which to construct the ultimate private Ferrari. Given the extreme nature of its V8 twin-turbo engine, chassis and suspension set-up, the KC23 has been designed exclusively for non-competitive track use as opposed to the road.

But at standstill, the aerodynamic and cooling tricks hide themselves away. These active features revert to showcase sleek, undisturbed lines and sinuous form. It has a pure monolithic beauty, as if it were sculpted from a single block of metal.

Hit the engine start button, and that visual stance is transformed using custom kinematics to reveal its huge air intakes and active aerodynamics. The car then beckons to be pushed hard on the circuit. This transition is almost organic, switching mood and physicality from chic evening wear to punk rock aggression in the pursuit of downforce.

Engine Location:                 Front, longitudinally mounted

Torque:                                700 Nm / 516 ft lbs @ 6,000 rpm

Gearbox:                              6 speed Semi-Automatic

Length / Width / Height:    4,633 mm (182.4 in) / 2,045 mm (80.5 in) / 1,090 mm (42.9 in)


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