Embraer Lineage 1000E

The Embraer Lineage 1000E is a variant of the Embraer 190 regional jet airliner, launched as a private jet on May 2, 2006. Manufactured by the Brazilian aerospace firm Embraer, the Lineage is advertised as an "ultra-large" business jet with comfortable seating for 19.

The Lineage 1000E is based on the Embraer 190 airliner, with added fuel tanks in the lower deck cargo hold space, nearly doubling the jet's range. It boasts a lavish interior, divided into up to five sections including an optional bedroom, a washroom with running water, and a walk-in cargo area at the rear. Its fuselage cross-section is larger than similarly priced business jets like the $50.4M Global 5000, $53.8M Falcon 7X or $54.5M Gulfstream G600, but smaller than other airliner conversions; the Boeing 737-700 based BBJ1 costing $71.4M or Airbus A319 based ACJ319 costing $87.0M.

Engine:                            2x 2 X GE CF34-10E turbofans Turbofan

Power:                             18,500 pound-force

Max Speed:                     480 knots / 889 Km/h 

Wing Span:                      28.72 mt / 94.22 ft

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