San Lorenzo de Picanardi Castle

Originally, the castle of San Lorenzo was nothing more than a small group of fortified houses and the initial appearance was therefore very different from how it looks today.

Presentation and esterniIl castle of San Lorenzo de'Picenardi, amidst verdant do park 50000 square meters, full of garden and trees, it is immense and majestic, near the state 10 Lower Padana.
By size, it is the largest castle residence of Cremona, and probably of Lombardy.
Surrounded by an ancient circle of external walls, original early medieval (sec. IX) and never altered over time, protected by a moat that, in times of danger, was to isolate the "villa" from external attacks (as in every respecting castle), it is also visible from a great distance, while not rising on a hill, with its six towers and extensive battlements, shelter tool for defenders.

The facade of the immense building, with central crenellated tower that shows the coat of arms and over the main entrance, is accessed along a path of 150 meters in a straight line that passes through the front of the park. A bridge (once a drawbridge) in wood and iron, connects to the central door by which they entered wagons, horses and carriages that were brought in the large inner courtyard; The door is flanked on the left by a door called "postern", reserved for pedestrians and arranged for entry of one person at a time.
In ancient times, a railing gate closed the main entrance to the moat. Internal All'àndito official passage of people and goods, are adjacent to the premises of the keepers. Hundreds of slits open along all the walls of the castle, necessary observation points and the possible launch of bullets.

This large fortified building, located in the plains, but the intersection of important nodes of communication, had to be a virtual point of reference for travelers and an economically self-sufficient nucleus in feudal times. In fact, in addition to large halls and numerous rooms used as residence, the castle is equipped with premises for the maintenance and repair of equipment, barns and stables, bakery, slaughterhouse, poultry houses and vast cellars. Of course there are the chapel (the whole medieval, full of architectural traces of late Romanesque and Gothic) and the family cemetery, placed in front of the crenellated tower (a robust keep), to the right of the main entrance to a garden is flanked ' Italian with flower beds and rose gardens.

Always outside, in the left wing of the residence, in front of an entrance to a majestic entrance consists of a large lateral façade supported by four massive columns connected by five arches, the park is enriched, a few meters from 'input, by a real pool (800 a bathtub), of conical shape whose depth gradually increases and provided with edges and side seats and enhanced by a front brickwork, with mouths from which comes out running water, that the make like a large fountain.

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