Deus Vayanne

Deus Automobili partnered with Italdesign and William Advanced Engineering to produce the first electric vehicle in automotive history to cross the 2,200 horsepower mark while delivering a comfortable and luxurious ride experience.

The new Deus Vayanne produces a maximum output power of over 2,200 hp and over 2000 Nm of torque. With 12cm ground clearance and usable storage space, the acceleration from 0-100km/h is achieved in under 1.99 seconds and the top speed is more than 400 km/h.

The exterior of the vehicle features a new design on the front and rear grille which represents the infinity loop, parametric grille represented by hexagonal shapes to create the effect of angel wings, taillight strip in the rear and air ducts with additional matching air ducts to keep the styling in line.

The interior of the new Deus Vayanne features a fully digital instrument cluster and control display, natural leather for upholstery to promote zero waste and Halo Infinity mirror throughout the interior for the first time in the automotive industry.

The production version of the new Vayanne will be limited to a series of 99 units with the first delivery scheduled to begin in 2025.

Weight:                   1.810 kg (3390 lbs)

Torque:                   2.040 Nm

Range:                    500 km (310 miles)

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