Dassault Falcon 10 X

The Dassault Falcon 10X is a large, long-range business jet under development by Dassault Aviation in France.

On 6 May 2021, Dassault launched its $75 million Falcon 10X flagship, scheduled for 2025, to compete with the Bombardier Global 7500 and the Gulfstream G700.

It is 33.4 m (110 ft) long and has a 33.6 m (110 ft)-wide, high aspect ratio carbonfibre wing, a first for a Dassault business jet.[1] It is powered by two Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X engines with over 80 kN (18,000 lbf) thrust, with a titanium fan blisk, a 10-stage HP compressor, a two-stage shroudless HP turbine and a four-stage LP turbine. It has a 16 m long, four-zone cabin wider than its competition, 2.77 by 2.03 m (9 ft 1 in by 6 ft 8 in) wide and high, with a 3,000 ft cabin altitude at 41,000 ft and 50% larger windows than on the Falcon 8X.

It should cruise at Mach 0.85-0.925 with a range of 7,500 nmi (13,900 km), and should access steep approaches like London City airport.[1] With sidesticks and a single throttle lever, the fly-by-wire flight control system has flightpath stability to avoid trimming, and head-up display-based FalconEye combined vision system. High automation with automated return to straight and level flight, emergency descent, reduced take-off thrust and noise abatement modes could allow two pilots to fly for 15h instead of three currently.

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