Crafting luxury yacht interiors onboard 115m superyacht Ahpo

Built by the German Lürssen shipyard, the motor yacht Ahpo extends over a total length of 115-metres. It's not just her size, but most of all her stylish exterior and interior design that impress yacht lovers and make this superyacht an exclusive dream home on the high seas. List General Contractor (List GC) was commissioned with the project management of the interior fittings on four decks and a total of 745 m² and furnished the yacht with handcrafted special surfaces and exclusive fittings. In completing this project, the company from Bad Erlach in southern Lower Austria once again highlights its long-standing position as international market leader for highly complex interior and furnishings for luxury yachts and private residences.

The largest and most famous yachts in the world already bear the signature of the specialists from List GC – and now Ahpo is no exception. The List GC development area on the main deck, consisting of the saloon, dining room, wine storage and board room, covers almost 290 m2. The owner's deck is equipped with an informal lounge and the sky lounge deck with a fitness room. The yacht's pièce de résistance, the spacious spa area, is located on the lower deck of the ship.

Complex down to the smallest detail

Exclusive furniture, special surfaces and metal elements – the execution plans of a yacht interior include every detail, no matter how small. List GC's strength lies not only in its understanding of design, but also in its complete project management. We coordinate countless surveying and elaborate feedback and approval processes with the shipyard, design studio and subcontractors, including quality controls, until the assembly process on the yacht, which is accurate to the millimetre, can begin. This was also the case with Ahpo, which was handed over to the owner in 2021. Herwig Schmallegger, Senior Coordinator Project Management at List GC, made sure that the project ran without a hitch. "In terms of construction, the project was an extremely small-scale and precise job. There was a huge number of components and countless special requirements and designs: communication on an equal footing and tact were our ingredients for success on this project."

Managing the expectations of the various project partners is also crucial. "The more the designers, owners, shipyard and List GC team are on the same wavelength, the better things will go. And things couldn't have gone better on the Ahpo project," adds Schmallegger.

From the design idea to the exclusive special surface

The stylish mother-of-pearl 3D varnish finish by List GC is one of the highlights: it adorns the walls and parts of the ceiling of the Spa area and the Informal Lounge. The handmade special surfaces designed especially for the project make the yacht one-of-a-kind. In collaboration with the top-class design studio Nuvolari Lenard, the surfaces were perfectly matched to the customer's wishes. Details specified by the design team, in the form of samples or visualisations, had to be created and recreated in detail – for example, from a 10 x 10 cm reference sample to an entire wall with a total area of 200 m². The sampling process continued for several months and required a high degree of creativity and craftsmanship.

An essential step here was to ensure that the surfaces were not only visually appealing but also hard-wearing. A common approach is therefore to test in advance how the surfaces will develop over a longer period of time. This is done by exposing the samples to extreme temperatures from -20 degrees to +40 degrees for two weeks – simulating what the ageing process over several years would look like. "When developing the special surfaces, we benefited greatly from our experience working on past superyacht projects. We knew exactly how to integrate all the processes into the tight schedule – and which steps required a particularly close eye or even sensitivity at times," says Christof Hack, Engineer at List G

 A marriage between elegance and safety

Another highlight in the spa area besides the mother-of-pearl surfaces is the teak ceiling in leaf form, consisting of three large and two small leaves. A single one of these leaves has a dimension of five to six metres with seven to eight segments each, separated by curved joints.

Karl Lechner, Team Coordinator Production at List GC, on the production of the teak ceiling: "The work processes of the project were practically mirrored. The material was worked on the floor, but ultimately applied to the ceiling of the yacht. This requires a high degree of spatial thinking and extreme accuracy. The size of the individual sheets also presented us with challenges in terms of space. Every single step had to be weighed in the mind beforehand. When you see the result and everything works perfectly together, you get an unparalleled sense of achievement every time!"

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