Cessna Citation Hemisphere

The Cessna Citation Hemisphere is a twin-engine, mid-size business jet first announced in 2015. NetJets announced the option to purchase 150 units in 2018. The Citation Hemisphere is projected to be FAA certified and operational in 2025.

itation Hemisphere will integrate a new clean-sheet design. Its three-zone cabin will offer a stand-up clearance of more than 6.2ft, while the maximum cabin altitude will be 5,000ft.

The interior furnishings, including seats and cabinets, will be designed and handcrafted in-house. The seats will be fully-berthable, and equipped with a thermo-electric technology, which provides better heating and cooling comfort for the passengers.

The forward galley of the cabin will contain a changeable, brightly-lit workstation with granite and stone surfaces. The cabin will feature 20 oversized windows that provide natural lighting. The skylights located in the front galley and aft lavatory will also provide sufficient lighting for the occupants.

The cabin will also include lavatories at forward and rear ends of the aircraft, along with a spacious baggage area.

Engine:                              2x Snecma Silvercrest engines Turbofan

Power:                               12,000 pound-force

Max Speed:                       516 knots / 956 Km/h

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