Boeing 747-430

The Sultan of Brunei is well known for having a collection of expensive things. Therefore, having a private jet with a $220 million price tag isn't something of a surprise.

Like with many other planes on this list, the plane itself costs a mere $100 million, and then the Sultan spent around the same amount customizing it.

As you'd expect, inside it's brimming with gold, fine woods, and the comfiest leather seats you can find. When even the toilet handle is made of gold it's not hard to spend so much on customizing your plane.

Max Speed:                 504 knots / 933 Km/h 

Engine:                        4x P&W4000 / GE CF6 / RR RB211

TurbofanPower:          63,300 pound-force

Wing Span:                 64.9 mt 

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