Bentley Unveils Fourth Generation Continental GT Speed

As the most powerful road car in the British marque's history, this latest release is a defining moment for Bentley.

Throughout its 21-year history, Bentley's Continental GT has established itself as one of the finest luxury grand tourers in available. Designed to travel great cross-continental distances in supreme comfort, with performance to match, the modern grand tourer remains a must have for any true petrol head. Bentley Motors has just announced the latest notch on this great history: the fourth generation Continental GT Speed. Far from shying away from this iconic brand's roots, it's the most powerful road-going Bentley ever created.

The Continental concept comes down to three basic principles: supercar performance, handcrafted luxury and everyday usability. This latest release from Bentley aims to excel in all three categories. From updated interior and exterior aesthetics — which follow Bentley's new design DNA set out by the coachbuilt Bentley Baclar and Batur — to the new Ultra Performance Hybrid powertrain that is set to take the Continental GT Speed's performance to the next level.

The technology inside the Continental GT Speed also sees an upgrade, featuring class-leading capability when it comes to driver assistance, infotainment and connected car services – vital update for any modern grand tourer.

Far from a small update, 68% of components in the new Continental GT Speed are entirely new. The refreshed hybrid powertrain is made possible by Bentley's 400-volt electrical architecture, greatly reducing emissions and providing an electric-only range of 50 miles.

Additionally, for the first time in the history of the Continental GT, this new model is launching alongside the convertible Continental GTC, allowing drivers to decide if they want to go top down or not from the get go.

Is it really a Bentley if it doesn't bring impressive performance alongside supreme luxury? Thankfully, the new Bentley Continental GT Speed provides both by the bucket load. Developed from the ground up, the new Ultra Performance Hybrid powertrain mixes a 4-liter V8 engine that produces 584 bhp with a 187 bhp electric motor. Once combined the new Continental GT Speed can produce 771 bhp, capable of accelerating the vehicle from 0-60 in only 3.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 208 mp/h.

The torque has also increased considerably from the older W-12 powered Continental GT Speed. Up 11%, the new version now produces 738 lb ft of torque. This, alongside the increased horsepower, makes this new Bentley the most powerful ever. This is all achieved while reducing CO2 produced and bringing down fuel consumption to just one-tenth of a similar petrol powertrain.

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