Bentley Reveals Most Sustainable Bentayga Yet

Just 70 examples of the new Bentayga Odyssean Edition will be available.

Bentley Motors has unveiled the latest edition in its ever-popular Bentayga portfolio - the Bentayga Odyssean Edition - which is proudly touted as the most sustainable in the range.

Following the launch of the first Odyssean Edition in 2021, which joined the Flying Spur family, the Bentayga Odyssean Edition retains the high-performance SUV capabilities and pairs them with Bentley's advanced sustainable technology for a glimpse into the future of luxury vehicles.

The launch of the newest Bentayga, which is strictly limited to just 70 examples, takes Bentley's hybrid model portfolio to 50% of its complete range, advancing the manufacturers' admirable ambitions to become fully hybrid by 2025.

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