BBJ 2 737 - 800

The Boeing Business Jet 2 is owned by India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani.

Costing an impressive $75 million; it comes with approximately 1000 square feet of space and is equipped with its very own executive lounge and private suite.

The Boeing Business Jet 2 is an evolution of the BBJ family, providing a 25% increase in cabin volume and 100% increase in cargo volume compared to the BBJ1. The aircraft's long-range capability allows direct non-stop flight from New York to London, Moscow or Dubai or London to Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Singapore or Tokyo.

 The BBJ2 business jet was announced in October 1999 and the first was delivered in March 2001. 13 BBJ2 were delivered.

The aircraft is in service with government and corporate customers including Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight and the government of Belarus.

Engine:                       2x CFM 56-7B27 Turbofan

Power:                        27,300 pound-force

Max Speed:               473 knots / 876 Km/h

Wing Span:                35.79 mt

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