BAC Mono: A Lightweight Single-Seat Supercar Offering An Immersive Driving Experince

When a manufacturer designs a high-performance vehicle, it typically comes with two seats or more. We are firm believers that the exhilarating experience should be shared with others.

However, there are instances wherein someone prefers to fully immerse themselves exclusively. Therefore, this is where single-seaters like the Mono from BAC come into play.

According to company co-founder and head of product development Neil Briggs, "Mono is an authentic BAC supercar – it delivers the typical – yet not easily achievable – attributes that are part of the BAC DNA like high-performance, lightweight engineering, dynamic chassis, optimized suspension, and an emotional design."

In other words, it's a street-legal racer.

You can probably liken it to a Formula 1 car as it touts an open cockpit, seating for one, a lightweight build, and a powerful engine at the core of it all. The Mountune-built 2.5-liter inline-four mill is expertly tuned to deliver 311 horsepower and 231 lb-ft of torque. BAC pairs it with a six-speed racing-spec sequential gearbox.

Based on testing, the Mono can reportedly hit 60 mph from zero in 2.7 seconds. What makes this possible aside from the powertrain setup is the supercar's 1,257 lbs. weight.

Moreover, they've engineered the distribution to position 41% at the front and 59% at the rear to optimize its handling and responsiveness.

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