Aston Martin Debuts The New 2024 DB12 Super Tourer

Grand Tourers are an interesting type of car, if you really dig down into it. They are designed to be immensely comfortable, luxurious, and supple over the varying types of roads across Europe, where the style began. At the same time, they are also designed to be extraordinarily powerful, fast, and give the driver unmatched performance when they decide to plant the right foot on the unrestricted Autobahn or the higher-speed sections of many continental motorways.

Aston Martin has always been at the forefront of the GT market, with legendary cars such as the DB5 and even the recent DB9 and DB11 cars all being considered the best of their class. However, it seems that those designers and engineers at Gaydon in the UK want to move beyond GT's and create a new class of car: The Super Tourer.

First of all, they definitely have the power to go beyond a GT, with a 4.0L dual twin scroll turbocharged V8 thundering out 670 HP @ 6000RPM and 590 lbs-ft of torque between 2,500 and 6,000 RPM, all sent through a rear axle mounted ZF 8-speed automatic that features electronic shift-by-wire and receives power from the engine through via a carbon fiber prop shaft housed in an alloy torque tube. Despite the 3,981 lbs curb weight, this is enough to shatter the 60 MPH mark in 3.5 seconds. A top speed of 202 MPH makes it one of the fastest non-limited-edition Aston Martin's in history as well.

Secondly, it ticks every box in the comfort category. The front seats are carbon fiber sport seats that are nonetheless plush and finished in full-grain leather, as befits an Aston.

The dash also gets the leather treatment, while the center console is a mix of exposed carbon fiber with leather accents, dominated by a 10.25 inch infotainment screen ahead of a control cluster that itself is headed up by the large Start/Stop button.

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