All The Secrets Of The Italian 777 Hypercar

At just 1,984 pounds and with a naturally aspirated, non-electrified V8 engine – this is the 777 Hypercar..

There's a new hypercar on the road – or rather, there will be. The dynamic debut won't happen until 2025, but the design and the engine have already been unveiled. We're talking about the 777 Hypercar, a track-only vehicle created by the newly formed 777 Motors of Andrea Levy (President of the Milano Monza Motor Show).

The 777 is a creature born in a partnership between several companies, each capable of creating one of the world's most exclusive (and incredible) cars. So let's get to know it better.

We chatted with Levy, who told us all the secrets of his new hypercar.

Track Only

Designed exclusively for the track, the 777 Hypercar is a collaboration of Italian automotive excellence, starting with Dallara, which is responsible for aerodynamics engineering and production.

The Emilia, Italy manufacturer was joined by Gibson Technology for the engine (more on that in a moment) and Sparco, the brand chosen to create the exclusive clothing line. The design of the car, however, came from the pencil of Umberto Palermo Design.

"I asked him to hide the monstrous performance of the 777 Hypercar and I would say he did it very well, softening those lines that we are usually used to seeing on cars that run the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The look then is reminiscent of a road-going hypercar."

All About Lightness

Built on a carbon monocoque chassis (the car weighs 1,984 pounds / 900 kilograms), the 777 Hypercar relies on sophisticated aerodynamics to help it generate 4,629 lbs (2,100 kg) of downforce at a speed of 230 mph (370 kmh), with the hypercar able to withstand a lateral acceleration of up to 3.5 and 4.0 Gs.

Lightness was the starting point for the birth of the 777.

"I am a frequent track goer, both to watch races and to race my cars. What have I discovered over the years? Lightness is one of the keys to having fun, to going fast, to enjoying a car, and to turning a lot," said Levy. "Lightness in fact allows a continuity of performance… my goal was to create a car that weighed no more than 900 kg."

So the Italian hypercar was not born from an idea of power, but of weight. To be contained as much as possible.

"The power-to-weight ratio is important, but the weight must be low. At this juncture, the hybrid does not help. And as for engine choice, I always prefer the almost infinite progression of the [naturally] aspirated engine. Without resorting to downsizing. For me, a real sports car must have at least a V8."

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