Alfa Romeo Supercar Nearly Sold Out Despite Not Receiving Green Light

The new supercar is expected to be revealed in March as the 8C, but Stellantis has not approved it for production.

Back in November, Alfa Romeo teased another look at a new supercar. Expected to be called the 8C, the mid-engine coupe had yet to get the green light from Stellantis. Jean-Philippe Imparato, Alfa-Romeo's CEO, promised more to come on the car, with an official announcement planned for March 2023.

This week, just days before that March timeline, we learned that Alfa Romeo had already taken deposits, despite no decision from Stellantis or an official reveal. In an interview with Autocar, Imparato acknowledged the tentative status of the supercar, saying, "To make this type of decision in 2022 in a group like Stellantis, everyone considers that you are completely mad."

Imparato also indicated the automaker was taking its time to get the car right, creating something that would "contribute to the DNA" of the company. "We are working on something that I could put aside the 8C in the museum of Arese, being proud of our contribution to the history of Alfa Romeo. That is what we want." 

The new supercar will likely utilize a combustion engine rather than an electric drivetrain but could include an electric motor to power the front wheels. Imparato suggested that it would not just be a track car but one that could be driven every day despite a price tag in the neighborhood of a Ferrari or Lamborghini. It will also look distinctly like an Alfa Romeo and be "iconic, super-sexy, and recognizable," according to the CEO.


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