Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Debuts With 620 HP And Even More Potent EV Version

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Debuts With 620 HP And Even More Potent EV Version

The revival of an iconic name is limited to 33 units, which have all been sold already.

Alfa Romeo built the last 8C in 2010 before teasing a return in a product roadmap released in 2018. However, the 700-horsepower coupe never happened as parent company FCA pulled the plug less than a year later. Fast forward to 2023, there's a new flagship sports car from the fabled Italian brand, and this time around, it's actually happening. Rather than being an 8C successor, this is a revival of the achingly beautiful 33 Stradale.

As with its source of inspiration sold in the late 1960s when only 18 were made, the new 33 Stradale has a mid-engined layout. The gorgeous retro-flavored body is going to be handcrafted by the coachbuilders at Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. That makes it the second Alfa in recent times to get a completely bespoke coachbuilt body, after last year's Giulia SWB Zagato.

The modern-day 33 Stradale is less exclusive than its ancestor as Alfa Romeo intends to make 33 cars. All were sold within weeks after the 2022 Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monza on September 11 when prospective buyers were invited to get an early look behind closed doors. No two cars are going to be the same as each will be a "unique and unrepeatable work of art" meticulously crafted by a special team.

There are endless personalization options, including a custom VIN number with eight digits hand-picked by the owner that is also displayed on the center tunnel. Equipped with butterfly doors, the high-end Alfa has a carbon fiber monocoque combined with an aluminum H-frame and a roof made from a combination of the two materials. Even the window frames are made from carbon fiber while the rear glass has been replaced with polycarbonate.

The interior is offered in two themes: Tributo and Alfa Corse. While the former will mimic the classic car, the latter will be sportier. The cockpit-like interior has aluminum shift paddles behind a steering wheel devoid of any controls since Alfa wants you to focus on what's really important – driving. The cabin uses a combination of leather, carbon fiber, aluminum, and Alcantara while staying true to its 1960s forebearer.

At the heart of Alfa Romeo's new flagship is a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 engine producing over 620 horsepower channeled to the rear wheels. You might be tempted to believe the engine is Maserati's Nettuno because of the identical output, but we're being told it's actually an evolution of the twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 that goes inside the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio models.

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