81m Alfa Nero sells at auction for $67.6 million

The "abandoned" 81.3-metre Oceanco superyacht Alfa Nero has been sold at auction for $67.6 million, according to a statement made by the Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority. The yacht's new owner is understood to be a US-based businessman, whose winning bid trumped significant interest from other parties, according to sources speaking to BOAT International.

The auction was held today (16 June). Hours before the sale was finalised, the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal rejected a last-minute emergency application to stop the sale.

It comes after the yacht's ownership was transferred to the Antiguan government in April. The transfer of ownership was the latest chapter of a long saga that began in February 2022, when the vessel was blocked from leaving the port of Antigua subject to an official search to determine whether the ultimate beneficiary owner had been named on international sanctions lists following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The yacht was then deemed "abandoned" and notice of the government's intent to sell the vessel was publicised in March 2023.

According to the government, the vessel received more than five hundred thousand dollars worth of fuel during her stay in Antigua. Funds from the sale will be used to pay the yacht's captain and crew as well as other creditors that have been providing fuel and supplies.


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