6 Of The World's Most Luxurious Airports

If you're an avid traveler, you likely spend a good amount of time in airports. The bustling hubs are a big part of the travel experience. Many of them leave much to be desired. However, there are some airports so modern, beautiful, and full of amenities, they seem more like part of the actual destination itself. These are six of the world's most luxurious airports.

1.  Incheon International Airport, South Korea


Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea, and also the most luxurious. With a five-star rating, it has quite a lot to offer, including the world's largest duty-free shopping center. Amenities such as a casino, spa, sauna, golf course, and numerous gardens are just a fraction of what sets Incheon International apart from the rest.

Travelers can hit the ice at the airport's ice skating rink, or enjoy a variety of performances and musical concerts at the in-house Korean Culture Museum.

2.  Abu Dhabi International Airport, UAE

The UAE is pretty much synonymous with glamour and luxury. This is especially apparent in the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Why should its international airports be any different?

The country is home to many wealthy individuals and a popular vacation destination among the rich and famous, so it's unsurprising the airport is equipped with VIP lounges and luxury shopping options. Fendi, Tag Heuer, Bvlgari, Hermès, and Burberry are just a few of the available brands to shop.

3.  Zurich Airport, Switzerland

In addition to being one of the most luxurious in the world, Switzerland's Zurich Airport is also said to be one of the healthiest. Spend your layover working on your fitness goals in the state-of-the-art fitness center. Or, rent roller blades or a bike to zip around on.

If cigars are your thing, the airport is home to a massive cigar lounge where you can get your smoke on. You can also schedule a photo tour, flight simulation, or a tour of the Swiss Museum of Transport.

4.  Changi Airport, Singapore

Ranking on lists for the world's best airports time and time again, Singapore's Changi Airport offers many unique and desirable amenities. From spas and movie theaters to free PlayStations, there is plenty to keep you busy while waiting to board your flight.

The Rain Vortex is the world's tallest indoor waterfall, and has become known as the symbol of the airport. Other fun attractions include sprawling gardens, mazes, slides, and bouncing nets. Changi Airport is also home to Jewel, a $1.3 billion shopping mall, as well as the first YOTELAIR Hotel in Asia.

5. Hamad International Airport, Qatar

Much like neighboring UAE, Qatar is a Middle Eastern nation rich in oil and luxury. The country boasts modern architecture, including the eight-year-old Hamad International Airport. Luxe amenities offered at the airport include a gym, swimming pool, hydrotherapy tub, and squash courts.

Sculptures and other original works of art are on display throughout the airport. And those traveling with kids can allow them to relax in the children's room, where they can enjoy video games, refreshments, and a play space just for them.

6.  Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Another airport that keeps younger travelers in mind, Hong Kong International allows kids to live out their dreams as they dress up at its Dream Come True Education Park.

Travelers will enjoy the airport's simulated golf course, Aviation Discovery Center with its cool flight simulator, and IMAX movie theatre, which happens to be the biggest in the country.

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